Proud parents Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne flank daughter Aimee, who modelled at the Joey and T fashion show in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Aimee Osbourne shows off some of the raunchy Joey and T collection.

A-list guest Janet Jackson turned even celebrity heads at the David Cardona fashion show in L.A. Janet Jackson is no B-list celebrity. When she walks into a room, you know you're in the presence of a bona fide superstar.

Heck, even Suzy Menkes knows it. As the fashion editor for the world-renowned International Herald Tribune, Menkes is a megastar in her own right, a fashion icon in league with Vogue's Anna Wintour.

Menkes travels the world's fashion capitals; she sits front row every time, elbow to elbow with some of the biggest names in show business. But when freaky Michael's sister was seated across the runway from the famed fashionista, she did the unthinkable. 

Menkes pulled out a disposable camera and joined the throng of photographers angling for a shot of the divine Miss J. It was a touching moment, and one sure to make the annals of fashion history. 

Which goes to prove that deep down inside, there's a fan in every one of us, slumbering away until that pivotal moment when our favorite celebrity awakens the beast.

Janet Jackson was clearly that for the hundreds gathered at the David Cardona fashion show Tuesday night. The round-faced, petite singer, wearing her hair in tight cornrows falling down her back and a sleek, steel-blue, military-style jacket, chatted merrily with a male and a female companion, seemingly oblivious to the gaping mouths and nudge-nudging all around her.

She didn't have to worry, though, about fans getting too exuberant: seated behind her, a tall, handsome and well-built man, dressed in a nicely tailored suit and wearing a very expensive watch, was keeping a good eye on the action. When you're a superstar, even your bodyguards are gorgeous.

Jackson's presence at one of the opening shows of Los Angeles Fashion Week is just another indication of the star power you can attract when you host a runway presentation in the town famed for its celebrity inhabitants. A longtime fan of Cardona (he designed her outfits for her 1998 Velvet Rope tour), she told reporters, "I just love David's style...he celebrates the sexiness of a woman."

And boy, oh boy, does Cardona know sexy. The man known most recently for having sent Lara Flynn Boyle down the Golden Globes red carpet in a pink tutu (we all make mistakes) started off the show in a tent on the grounds of the Downtown L.A. Standard Hotel with an Amazonian model in a dramatic, floor-skimming car coat, wearing nothing else but a black lace bra, panty and garter set underneath.

She was followed by a parade of leather micro-minis, all paired with Cardona's new shoe line, which features the highest of stilettos and thigh-high leather boots. Cardona even went for the bondage look, which Helmut Lang introduced a few seasons back, with leather dresses with criss-crossed buckled belts adoring the otherwise bare backs of the models.

"I like that," Jackson exclaimed at a pairing of a leather high-neck jacket with a bronze mini-skirt (this reporter was directly behind Ms. Jackson). Expect some of Cardona's lineup to appear in an upcoming Janet Jackson video and hopefully, not at the office.


April 03, 2003 Valerie Fortney | Calgary Herald